Integrating CogniFit Tools into The WeShareCare Platform from Lighthouse Disruptive Innovation Group

CogniFit is excited to announce another major partnership, leveraging our powerful API to integrate with the WeShareCare platform from Lighthouse Disruptive Innovation Group. Work has already begun on the integration partnership and we expect to see the integration go live during Q3 of this year!

Who is Lighthouse Disruptive Innovation Group?

Lighthouse DIG is a Boston-based team dedicated to discovering unique business opportunities and developing them from the seeds of an idea until they are a fruitful operation. They work with companies “to define, test, and validate new business opportunities through B2B collaborations, world-class academia, and cutting-edge startups”. Lighthouse DIG strives to elevate business development teams, enhance innovation through disruptive technology transfer, and expand return on investment by leveraging unique business expertise.

One of the most exciting ventures to come from the Lighthouse group is the WeShareCare platform, a continuous care platform based on cutting-edge AI technology.


What is the WeShareCare Platform?

The WeShareCare platform gives users a feeling of connection and confidence by providing real-time communication with caregivers, while also providing a flexible, easy to use integrated technologies to improve their well-being status.

WeShareCare helps users monitor their state of wellbeing and connects them through a conversation with a caregiver, specialized or not, to complete this monitoring. In the conversation, they can ask the user about things such as the quality of their rest, nutrition, or exercise, and gather indicative values that will help the caregivers to monitor the user on their continuity care journey.

The WeShareCare App from Lighthouse DIG.
The WeShareCare App from Lighthouse DIG.

Without an appointment, users can connect to WeShareCare and start to perform ongoing care of their wellness status. WeShareCare is not a telemedicine platform, and caregivers do not make diagnoses, but they are there to give helpful and supportive suggestions to help improve people’s state of wellbeing.

The WeShareCare platform aims to provide a comprehensive continuous care solution and includes offerings for nutrition, chronic pain management, cognitive wellbeing, and more—and is open to users worldwide with caregiver follow-ups available 24/7.

How Does the WeShareCare Platform Leverage CogniFit Technology?

The WeShareCare platform provides a unique hybrid solution for continuous care—connecting users with human caregivers through a peer-to-peer network and providing a holistic suite of technological tools for monitoring and improving their wellness outcomes.

As part of a group of over a dozen leading technology and scientific partners involved in the WeShareCare platform, CogniFit’s patented neuropsychological exploration and brain stimulation tools play a key role in a holistic suite of digital wellness tools available to users.

To learn more about how WeShareCare is using CogniFit as part of their integrated solution, please contact [email protected]