SHA Wellness Clinic Group and CogniFit – Improving Healthy Aging

CogniFit is excited to announce its partnership: A clinic group head-quartered in Alicante, Spain that aims to become world leaders in healthcare and wellness, from an integrative point of view.

SHA Wellness Clinic Group and CogniFit – Improving Healthy Aging

Current group has grown into a +300 people staff and the planned geographically expansion of the group will include LATAM (Mexico in 2023) and United Arab Emirates (as of 2024).

On their own, each company has remarkable capacities that provide life changing experiences for businesses or individuals around the world. But together, their collaboration could be an unstoppable powerhouse that redefines healthy aging.

Let’s take a closer look at SHA and CogniFit as well as what their combined forces have created.

What is SHA Wellness Clinic Group? 

With a clear vision and strong values, SHA’s mission is to help people achieve and maintain an optimal state of health, so they can enjoy their full physical, mental and spiritual potential. Born as a family group, SHA founder was inspired by a transformative personal life experience.

After years of medical issues, and faced with a troubling diagnosis, he managed to recover his health thanks to integrative medicine, particularly healthy and healing nutrition. Amazed by the impact food and certain therapies have on health, he felt the need to share and disseminate this valuable knowledge.

In order to achieve that, the group decided to help people achieve and maintain an optimal state of health through a unique integrative approach, combining the latest advances in scientific medicine with the most effective and proven natural therapies, with a special focus on healthy and balanced nutrition.

The SHA Integrative Method consist of eight pillars:

Where Does CogniFit Come In?

Most people will know CogniFit from their brain games.

SHA Wellness clinics program participants will benefit from the current portfolio of products and services. These do come with an unmatched scientific and technological validation. There are also specific developments in the area of early detection of dementia.

Besides there is a different level that wide healthcare professionals can access tools and services (platforms) specifically designed for their field. That is the case with the

And in regard to the future,  CogniFit is also engaged in major internal and external Research & Development programs, having created platforms ready to use by those communities. All in all, a value add ecosystem that players like SHA will benefit and secure access to a healthy pipeline of future products, services and tools.

SHA and CogniFit Together

Now that we understand the impressive capacities of these groups, what exactly is this initiative improved by the partnership?

It’s part of their  “Healthy Aging Program.”

One of the main goals is to determine the indicators of your biological age and compare it to your chronological age, as well as the factors that could have a negative impact on your quality of life.

The customized tool delivered by CogniFit will specifically deep dive in evaluation and training of these cognitive competencies:

  • Planning
  • Processing Speed
  • Short Term Memory
  • Spatial Perception
  • Visual Memory and
  • Visual Short-Term Memory

There are other goals covered in this holistic and integrative program. That is, firstly to optimize health by delaying or reducing the effects of aging. Second, to combine knowledge of natural therapies, Asian medicine, nutrition and the latest advances in medicine, both diagnostic and therapeutic, to enhance your results. Last but not least, to learn new healthy habits that optimize your general state of health and wellbeing


So, on one side is CogniFit – a company that specializes in cognitive health and has the dedicated research tools to measure all things cognition-related.

On the other side is SHA Wellness Clinic Group – a company that targets an integrative method and holistic health.

Together, SHA has created the Healthy Aging Program, which has integrated CogniFit’s products and services.

This is very much the definition of “powerhouses” that was mentioned before. Any organization or person see the true, overall health of their aging loved ones.