CogniFit & QuiverTree Partnership – Brain Games In The Sky

A unique partnership has emerged within the ever-expanding area of cognitive growth and health. But this time, it’s taken to the skies. CogniFit has partnered with QuiverTree, which specializes in aviation and media content. Let’s take a closer look at this company, how they’re integrating some of CogniFit’s essential brain training games, and other interesting facts that fliers might want to take advantage of.

What Is QuiverTree?

For anyone who’s been on an airplane, you’re well aware there is always some sort of media provided. This can be a single screen attached to a wall, a drop-down screen, or something embedded in the back of a headrest. From there you can binge movies and television until your heart’s content, and the plane touches the runway. There are also options where you can connect through your smartphone.

But did you know that this content isn’t provided by the airlines? It’s actually through content and media companies – ones like QuiverTree.

quivertree partnership
Quivertree airline partners

QuiverTree Media is redefining in-flight entertainment with disruptive integrations and partnerships. We design content solutions suited to every hardware – Panasonic, Thales, Zodiac, Rockwell Collins, and more. Ensuring seamless delivery of on-demand entertainment, via seatbacks, overhead monitors, browser-based platforms and mobile apps is core to our know-how. Best of all, our services cater to all onboard environments, regardless of inflight internet availability.QuiverTree

One example of the content they offer is Audible, which makes audiobooks. And if you didn’t know, audiobooks or even podcasts are far better for the brain than movies or television. Passengers can choose from binge-worthy audiobooks, exclusive podcasts, bite-sized audio content, and genre-bending Audible Originals. For captivating storytelling, they make Audible a part of your flight.

CogniFit & QuiverTree Partnership

Sometimes, especially on longer flights, there is only so much television and movies you can take. Jetlag might be setting in and you get the fuzzy feeling in your brain. You crave brain stimulation.

This is where CogniFit’s contribution comes in. Passengers now have access to 20 games from CogniFit’s catalog. Not only that, but all fight staff also have access to play these games through the plane’s intranet.  So, during the long hauls around the world, you can use the time to nurture those neural networks and flex some of those key brain functions.

And, since QuiverTree offers its content to multiple airlines, chances are, you’re going to see CogniFit’s games somewhere in the menu.

Some CogniFit Games You’ll Find In QuiverTree Content

Butterfly Hunter – You have to hunt butterflies in the sky. Catch the butterflies as fast as you can and avoid everything else. Cognitive Targets: Hand-eye Coordination, Response Time, Spatial Perception

Candy Factory – Remember the candy in front of each bag. Memorize both the type of candy and its flavor. When the candy disappears, fill each bag with the same candy as previously shown by dragging the candy from the factory down to the bag. Cognitive Targets: Phonological Short-term Memory Recognition Short-Term Memory Visual Short-Term Memory.

free brain training games
Cognifit games through QuiverTree content

Fresh Squeeze – Draw a straw path from the juice machine to the monster’s mouth. Plan your moves carefully because if you get stuck on the way, the juice will spill. Cognitive Targets: Planning, Spatial Perception, Updating

Digits – Press the numbers in the indicated order as quickly as possible. If you hit several correct numbers quickly you will get extra points. Cognitive Targets: Processing Speed, Visual Scanning, Working Memory

Fuel a Car – You are managing a gas station. Press on the corresponding colored equipment to select whatever services your customers need. Cognitive Targets: Divided Attention, Processing Speed, Response Time

Gem Breaker – Break brick lines using a paddle to bounce the ball back at the blocks without letting the ball drop. Cognitive Targets: Divided Attention, Estimation, Hand-eye Coordination

Happy Hopper Reach the cloud of flies by jumping precisely on top of the rocks and logs. There will be obstacles that you will have to dodge to avoid losing lives. Cognitive Targets: Estimation, Inhibition, Response Time

Jigsaw 9 – Rearrange a jumbled picture by moving its pieces one at a time into empty spaces. Cognitive Targets: Contextual Memory, Non-verbal Memory, Planning, Spatial Perception, Visual Short-Term Memory

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Mobile Version

Mahjong: The goal is to match tiles that have similar images by clicking on them. Only a tile that has no other tiles on top of it and does not have another tile on at least one side of it can be selected. Cognitive Targets: Spatial Perception, Visual Perception, Visual Scanning

Penguin Explorer – Move the penguin to clear all the snow. Watch out for the arrows that change the penguin’s direction and the portals that teleport the penguin from one place to another one. Cognitive Targets: Inhibition, Planning, Spatial Perception

Puzzles – Place all the pieces of the puzzle in right place. You can select the difficulty of the puzzle by choosing the number of pieces. You can also make it harder by choosing to rotate the pieces. Cognitive Targets: Spatial Perception, Visual Perception, Visual Scanning, Working Memory

Reaction Field – Get rid of the moles that appear in your garden by clicking on them.
Watch the target color sign and only click on the moles with the same color as fast as you can. Moles with helmets will have to be hit twice instead of once to get rid of them. Do not click on the moles with a dynamite stick strapped on their head. Cognitive Targets: Inhibition, Response Time, Shifting

Slice and Drop – Lead birds to the floor and keep them away from cats.
To help birds, you can interact with the surroundings such as ropes and screws, or slice wooden shelves by drawing a line with your mouse. Cognitive Targets: Estimation, Planning, Spatial Perception

SudokuFill in all the cells of a grid with digits as fast as possible. Every row, column, and sub-grid must contain one of each digit. Cognitive Targets: Inhibition, Phonological Short-term Memory, Planning. Spatial Perception

QuiverTree & CogniFit – Fliers Should Take Advantage

Other than reading or bringing your own puzzle books, there aren’t many opportunities to exercise your cognitive functions while on any length of flight. And, especially on the longer more grueling ones, you’re going to crave mental stimulation. So, the next time you take to their skies, scan through the game menu and try your hand at some brain games!