Book Suggestion For Brain Health: Healthy No Matter What

We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Alex Jadad, one of the authors of this exciting book about health.

Dr. Alex Jadad is a physician, philosopher, educator, and innovator. He is a pioneer of evidence-based medicine, end-of-life care, and digital health, and the creator of the renowned Jadad scale, the most widely used tool to assess clinical trials. He is the co-author, with his philosopher, researcher, and entrepreneur daughter, Tamen Jadad-Garcia of the book ‘Healthy No Matter What’, which we strongly recommend today. 

This book focuses on health from a different perspective. It is packed with evidence-based insights and tools to help you achieve a healthy and long life, even with serious diseases, using the latest scientific knowledge and insights from medicine, psychology, and sociology. 

We asked Dr. Jadad relevant questions about what is the new meaning of health, including the change in paradigm and how this can affect mental, cognitive, and physical health. It turns out that with thorough exhaustive interviews and analysis of data from millions of people all over the world, Dr. Jadad and Tamen discovered that what is needed for a healthy life depends 90% solely on us and only 10% on the medical healthcare system.

Rethinking this concept of health is a worldwide shift from what we are used to and can mean introducing the world into a revolution where longevity is the key.

Dr. Jadad mentions how our cognitive, emotional, and physical systems have to be in sync and well-perceived by us in order to have a positive outtake on health. They arrived at the concept of “adaptability” where how we curb our toxic stress load can determine whether we have a long and healthy life. He also recognizes that this adaptability can be trained through CogniFit by reinforcing our cognitive skills and working on our brain.

This is a must-read book for 2023. Pre-order your copy now or find it in your nearest local bookstore or via Amazon.

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