CogniFit Launches Innovative Video Coach Feature for Brain Training

Building and maintaining good habits can be difficult, which is why CogniFit has added Video Coaches to our brain training programs to help keep you motivated.

We took the traditional cognitive training model and added features to help you stay on track, help you understand the activities and how they are helping, and to help you feel like you have the support you need to keep training and build strong cognitive habits.

What is Video Coaching from CogniFit?

Think of it as having a personal trainer for your cognitive abilities. We have recorded hundreds of unique videos across our most important cognitive skills to help users feel more confident and more connected to their training. Our group of expert trainers provide unique insights and pointers on how to make the most of your training, how to stay motivated, and how to boost your cognitive skills.

We have built a talented production team and a brand-new studio at our main offices which allow us to produce high-quality content for our users. But the decision to build an in-house production studio not only gives us the ability to create normally scheduled content, but also to create unique specialty content with guest coaches as well as to quickly adapt our content as we receive feedback from the community.

We will launch the program with two fantastic Video Coach trainers, Brendan and Cristina, who will help our English-speaking users to reach their cognitive fitness goals.

Let’s take a moment to meet our video coach trainers


CogniFit Video Coach - Brendan
CogniFit Video Coach – Brendan

Brendan, originally from London, is trained in a range of disciplines spanning the breadth of human wellbeing. After studying Psychology and Philosophy in university, Brendan went on to study Neurolinguistic Programming, reaching the level of master practitioner, and even helps train others in this field as an NLP coach.

In addition to these mentally focused areas of wellness, Brendan has also dedicated much of his time to physical aspects of wellbeing such as yoga, which he has practiced for over 30 years.

He has also focused on sharing his holistic view of health, giving courses in self-development, meditation (including Zazen and Japa), and Qigong.

He is excited about the video coach program at CogniFit, saying “many cognitive training tools seem ‘cold.’ The addition of video coaches makes users not feel alone. It feels like a community. With dedicated instructors, users can understand their progress, and the interactive elements help users to feel like they are part of a community.”


CogniFit Video Coach - Cristina
CogniFit Video Coach – Cristina

Our other fantastic video coach, Cristina, was born in Spain and raised in London. Her coaching style is based on neuro-performance training, a method of brain-based coaching that combines various psychological and behavioral models from pioneers in the field of neuroscience.

Neuro-performance coaching involves techniques and toolkits based in science which aim to improve overall wellbeing of the individual.

Cristina, like Brendan, is also trained in Neurolinguistic Programing, studying under co-creators John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair, and Michael Carroll. She has a degree in psychology and natural medicine as well.

Cristina recently returned to Madrid, Spain to manage a virtual coaching and healing practice which can be found at

She is passionate about helping CogniFit players understand the mind-body conditioning process to gain insight into how the brain works. She believes understanding the mind and body with spiritual awareness is the root of all healing.

She is excited not only for the launch of the video coach program but for the future of CogniFit in general and has become a valuable member of the team even beyond her role as video coach, helping our marketing teams spread awareness of the brand.

What’s Next for Video Coach?

As the video coach program grows, CogniFit will continue to release new videos every week, and we plan to add additional languages very soon, so that we can reach as many users as possible with this exciting new brain training tool.

We hope to expand the idea to make all of our users feel motivated and part of a brain training community.


We look forward to seeing how our fans enjoy this exciting new feature. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave a comment below.