CogniFit and Moscow Pedagogical State University (MSPU) sign agreement in cognitive psychology


CogniFit, leader in the field of neuropsychological testing and training of cognitive abilities, and the Moscow Pedagogical State University (MSPU), leading scientific, educational and methodological center for the training of bachelors, masters, graduates and scientists in various fields of education, signed an agreement on mutual cooperation in the field of psychology, psycho-pedagogy and cognitive psychology.

As a part of the agreement, the MSPU and CogniFit, which was included in the TOP-50 of the world’s most innovative companies, received a unique opportunity to implement joint projects. It will allow exchanging experience between Russian and foreign specialists and scientists in the field of psychological sciences. In addition, MSPU students will be able to publish their research on media resources of the company, which is the world leader in brain-training, cognitive stimulation and clinical cognitive testing.

According to the technical director of CogniFit, Carlos Rodriguez, the agreement between CogniFit, the leader in the field of neuro- and cognitive psychology, and the Moscow Pedagogical State University:

“Will strengthen international experience as well as the development of cognitive and other psychological sciences. It will allow training highly professional specialists in this field”.

On the other hand, V. Dronov the first vice-president of the MSPU says

“We believe that the cooperation between Moscow Pedagogical State University, the leading pedagogical university of Russia and CogniFit,  will promote the development of scientific international relations in the psychological field.”

This agreement continues to open doors for other cooperations between universities and CogniFit around the world.