CogniFit is a Top Manufacturer in the Global Cognitive Assessment & Training Market

  • The 2018 market study on Global Cognitive Assessment & Training Market research report establishes CogniFit as a top manufacturer of the sector.
  • This report analyzes, tracks, and presents the global market size of the major players in every region around the world.

CogniFit is a Top Manufacturer in the Global Cognitive Assessment & Training Market

The Global Cognitive Assessment & Training Market research report has split the analysis into several key regions and positions CogniFit as a Top Manufacturer in North America. 

CogniFit is a health research company founded in 1999 by Professor Shlomo Breznitz and focused on evaluating and improving cognitive health. It is a leading developer of medical technologies for cognitive assessment and brain stimulation. It incorporates complete neuropsychological batteries that digitally allow studying the cognitive functioning of children from 7 years old, young, adults or seniors. Users will know their cognitive status in less than 30-40 minutes.


General Cognitive Assessment Battery from CogniFit: This test studies the brain function and does a complete online screening. It evaluates a wide range of abilities and detects cognitive well-being (high-moderate-low). It also identifies strengths and weaknesses in the areas of memory, concentration/attention, executive functions, planning, and coordination.

Cognitive results are automatically generated after any of the clinical tests. They include comprehensible and valuable information about a wide range of cognitive skills in areas of memoryattention-concentrationplanningcoordination, reasoning or executive functions.

The global cognitive assessment and training market is divided into solutions and services. CogniFit offers both solutions and services making it a top contender and manufacturer in this market.

“CogniFit has been perfecting its software for years to make it always more accurate. With its innovative design, scientifically validated tests and brain training it is designed to help anyone interested in their cognitive health right from their home.” – CogniFit Psychologist Alejandra Salazar 

Scientific, academic and professional demands explain the acceleration of the market growth. Globalization, better access to technology and a better understanding of the long-term benefits of a good mental health also participate in that development. The market will continue its growth in the years ahead. CogniFit with its scientifically based brain training program methodology continues as a top contender since it is able to measure, train, and properly monitor cognitive skills and their relation to neurological pathologies.