CogniFit is a top player in the Global Cognitive Assessment and Training Market

  • In 2016, the Global Cognitive Assessment and Training Market accounted for $1.80 billion.
  • It is set to grow at a CAGR of 31.10% during 2017-2024 and CogniFit is a top player according to a new report.

The global cognitive assessment and training market is divided into solutions and services. Solutions being assessment, data management, project management, data analysis, reporting, and others. Services being training, support and consulting. CogniFit offers both solutions and services making it a top contender in this market.

CogniFit is a health research company founded in 1999 by Professor Shlomo Breznitz and focused on evaluating and improving cognitive health. All of our assessments and training tools are scientifically validated.

An international team of scientists, neurologists and psychologists research and combine the latest discoveries about the brain with advanced algorithms which help convert complex tasks of assessment and cognitive stimulation into simple brain games.

Our scientifically based brain training program methodology is able to measure, train, and properly monitor cognitive skills and their relation to neurological pathologies.

The CogniFit methodology consists of a comprehensive battery of scientifically based tasks. Each of these exercises was carefully selected and categorized to measure powerful brain functions. The relationship between these brain functions and the existence of different pathologies and disorders is recognized and validated by the scientific community.

CogniFit is available in +16 languages making it possible for us to work, collaborate and adapt our assessments to hospitals, schools and universities, foundations and research centers around the world.

CogniFit is also oriented toward individuals and families. Thanks to the comprehensive database and the development of advanced algorithms, CogniFit understands the particular cognitive state for each individual and offers a personalized brain training program. Everyone is unique and deserves a training program adapted to their specific needs. By precisely measuring the performance of brain functions, CogniFit automatically creates a personalized training program. The selected tasks and their level of difficulty are dynamically combined based on the specific needs of the user.

CogniFit is reviewed as a top player in the global cognitive assessment and training market because it provides useful information to be able to identify and recognize determined brain disorders and monitor the intervention and rehabilitation. All of our products are focused on the exhaustive exploration and careful training of the measured cognitive abilities through regulated CogniFit assessments.