Commercial Partnerships: How Can CogniFit Enterprise Solutions Help Your Business?

For more than two decades, educators, medical professionals, and individuals have trusted the cognitive stimulation and brain training solutions from CogniFit. Now it’s possible for businesses to leverage this same trusted technology for use in enterprise solutions through our Commercial Partnerships.

How can Businesses Benefit from a Commercial Partnership with CogniFit?

Whether your business is looking to provide your current customers or employees with world-class cognitive assessments, brain games, and training services from within your own technology ecosystem or you are planning to build a completely new solution that integrates some or all of CogniFit’s scientifically backed assessments, cognitive stimulation training programs, and engaging brain games, our enterprise solutions are here to help.

How Do Commercial Partners Integrate with CogniFit Technology?

Cognifit has enterprise integration options available for a range of business needs.

White-labeled Cognitive Assessment & Training

We can partner with a company to help them create or integrate custom-made digital brain health solutions with their current system. We have done it before for leading companies with products in sectors as diverse as Multiple Sclerosis Cognitive Training, Video Games Integration, Hearing Aids, Driving Schools, Pilots Assessments, Vitamins, and Nutrition.

This solution is ideal for smaller organizations or organizations with fewer technical resources, or for organizations who prefer to rely on the expertise of CogniFit when developing their solutions.

Fully Customized Integration of Our Cognitive Technology

For organizations who want to take a more hands-on approach to build solutions that integrate CogniFit cognitive stimulation technology have the option to use our powerful API. Using the CogniFit API, organizations can develop completely custom applications from the ground up.

In addition to this, CogniFit complies with the highest security and privacy standards (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, etc.) for personally identifiable information. All our environments are hosted in AWS secured private virtual cloud and all our data and server communications are encrypted, meaning you can rest assured that your users’ data is secure.

Some of our many satisfied Commercial Partners.
Some of our many satisfied Commercial Partners.

If you think your business could benefit from CogniFit’s enterprise solutions, learn more about them by visiting our Commercial Partnerships page,