How sharp is your team? Put them to the test.

How sharp is your team?

Most of us spend an important part of our time at work. A good and pleasant working environment is an essential element towards happiness and vibrant mental health. We need to feel respected, productive and ideally work on something that matters to us.

In the last decades, a lot of research has been focused on how to improve work conditions, finding the right balance between work and leisure and to make the workplace a more productive environment.

Test your teams cognitive ability

We know today that money is often not the first motivator for people to work and be productive. Working conditions, training on the job and culture are all important elements that help people be more productive.

Still, one aspect of productivity which is often disregarded is cognition and the level of an individual’s cognitive skills. Cognitive abilities such as memory, focus and concentration are key components to one’s productivity.

Cognitive abilities are not fixed and naturally change over time (they usually decline as we age). Based on the latest research on brain plasticity, we understand today how to assess those cognitive skills and how to train them. Keeping our brain sharp is increasingly important as we evolve and face new challenges and opportunities in our workplace and daily life.

It is also useful to be able to assess the cognitive level of a large number of people within an organization and provide them with the right training. We are unique and each of us shows a different set of cognitive strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore important to use a program that can individually assess you and give you a personalized training based on your needs which may be different from those of your colleagues.

The new CogniFit Professional platform offers an intuitive tool designed to that end. It allows organizations to assess, track and train their employees and help them improve their cognitive skills thanks to specific brain training programs. Each individual can easily access the cognitive assessments and training regimens online.

Improving your cognitive skills and the ones of your colleagues will benefit the entire organization as everybody could become more productive. It will be easier for employees to remember what needs to be done, to focus for longer periods of time or to be able to shift from one task to another. CogniFit trains a large number of cognitive skills to ensure that this brain training is complete and useful.

Independent workers can also access the benefits of brain training by accessing the CogniFit brain training platform for individuals.

So why not start now? Let your co-workers start their personalized assessment, help them train those important cognitive skills with the new CogniFit Professional online platform today and see how sharp your team can be!