How to improve your memory: Tips to stop forgetting things

How to improve memory

At some time in our lives, we’ve all had to search through the entire house to find something because we didn’t remember where we left it, or we forgot something somewhere or an important date like a birthday or anniversary slipped our minds. If this has happened to you, maybe you could use a few tips on how to improve memory.


How to improve memory

For starters, you should know that all of these situations are common, especially as we age. But aging isn’t the only factor that can affect our memory. Stress and anxiety, being easily distracted or not paying attention to what you’re doing are all things that affect our memory. Even having a not-so-healthy diet, consisting more of burgers and shakes than fruits and vegetables, can play a role in how our memory works.

To keep your memory working well, it’s important to have a balanced diet based on nutritious foods. Doctors recommend 5 pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables everyday, along with fish, grains, beans, lean mean, and whole grains. This way we can make sure we’re getting all of the necessary nutrients that our brains, bodies, and nervous systems need to work properly.

Nutrition is closely related to brain health, but like the rest of our muscles, it needs to be worked out to keep it in shape. These are some exercises that you can do to challenge and train your brain.

How to improve memory with games and exercises

-Do crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

-Memorize your shopping list or the characters in a movie or book.

-Use mnemonic devices, or associating ideas, to remember things.

-Go to work a new way.

-Learn a new language.

-Make rhymes, it’ll help you memorize something complicated.

-Go to a new, unknown place.

-Read a different section of the newspaper.

-Learn to play a musical instrument.

-Write down what you want to memorize, it’ll be easier for you to retain the information.

-Try to use your non-dominant hand to eat or write.

-Do mental exercises, place chess or bridge.

-Learn a new word everyday.

-Practice memory games with CogniFit.