How to learn to drive safely: 10 tips for road safety

A little while ago we talked about how the University of Granada showed the importance of emotions when we drive. Being relaxed while driving and not thinking about too many things is really important, but knowing a few basic tips about road safety and practicing them will also help you stay focused while you drive. These are our suggestions for road safety to drive safely and efficiently.

Tips for road safety

  1. When you turn on the car, don’t press the gas pedal. If you have a gas engine, put it in first gear right before turning it on (for manual cars). If it’s diesel, wait a minute before you put it in gear.
  2. Change to second gear when you can. It should be about 6 seconds after you start moving.
  3. If you have a gasoline motor, change gear at about 2000-2500 RPM. If it’s diesel, 1500-2000 RPM. After changing gears, it’s recommended to speed up.
  4. When possible, use the 4th and 5th gear in the city.
  5.  Try to keep your speed steady. Avoid stopping short and starting too fast.
  6. When you slow down, lift up on the gas pedal and slowly press the break.
  7. When you want to stop, try not to change the gear before slowing.
  8. If you’re stopped for long periods of time, more than a minute, you should turn off the engine.
  9. Make sure you’re keeping a safe following distance and that you can see 2 or 3 cars in front of you.
  10. When you see an obstacle or that the cars in front slow down, take your foot of the gas and prepare to slow down.