Rail Infrastructure Administrator (ADIF) investigates the cognitive state of its employees using CogniFit

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ADIF aims to boost Spanish rail transport by managing a safe and efficient infrastructure system. It is essential to try to reduce the probability of accidents due to human error in the railway system. For this reason, ADIF has decided to use CogniFit to study the cognitive state of its employees to detect which skills are involved in daily processes.

There are many processes that are currently automated, however, due to unforeseen events they may need to be entered manually. CogniFit’s general cognitive assessment helps ADIF assess before and after a training period to determine if any of the 23 cognitive skills have improved and thus improve the daily routines in rail work. 

“CogniFit will allow ADIF to know if the cognitive profile of each employee is a possible variable that influences the accident rate,” commented CogniFit’s team of neuropsychologists.

CogniFit, leader in cognitive assessments, proves once again its usefulness not only in professional fields but also in the protection of occupational risks. 

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