Reckitt Benckiser Partners with CogniFit to Create a Brain Gym Digital Ecosystem for the New Neuriva Brand

Lifestyle has a great impact on your brain health. What we eat and drink, sleep, exercise and the state of your cognitive skills is critical for your brain to function properly. Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB), a global producer of popular consumer health, hygiene, and home products, launched a dietary supplement and complementary digital training and support program called Neuriva™. Neuriva’s™ digital training and support program is powered by CogniFit’s science-backed brain gym technology.

Brain gym

CogniFit innovative brain gym technology has made it possible for the Neuriva Brain Gym app to be accessible on any device and for any user to train their brain anywhere. In addition to dietary supplementation, Neuriva Brain Gym uses CogniFit’s technology to assess at least 23 cognitive skills and identify specific cognitive areas that need improvement. Then it creates a personalized program according to the users’ needs.

“Cognitive training together with a correct dietary supplement may help reduce cognitive decline and optimize brain functions such as focus, memory, coordination, perception, etc. CogniFit’s scientific technology has proven to be an excellent way to train these abilities. Its partnership with RB is aimed at offering a holistic approach to brain health ” states Tommy Sagroun  CogniFit CEO.

CogniFit continues to partner with health-related companies such as Reckitt Benckiser Group to help the user attain a holistic view and intervention of brain health. Improving your cognitive skills can help improve your quality of life and your daily activities.