Psychopathy: A useful guide to everything you need to know


  What does psychopathy mean? What are the signs and symptoms? What relationship does it have with personality? What are the causes? Is there a […]

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What is Echolalia?: Its Purpose and What It Means


  Echolalia is a natural part of language acquisition. “It’s a beautiful day!” said the mother, to which the child echoed “It’s a beautiful day!” […]

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Synapses: How Your Brain Communicates


  A synapse is the space between two neurons which allows for neural communication, or synaptic transmission. Synapses are found throughout the body, not just located […]

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Hypothalamus: the importance of hormones in the brain


  What is the hypothalamus? Let’s start by painting a picture: Your stomach starts churning. It’s been hours since you last ate and you can […]

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The Effects of Video Games: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


  Effects of video games. Growing up, video games were an inescapable part of life and were a large part of development and socialization. Pokemon, which […]

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Alexithymia: Building Relationships Out of Nothing


  Understanding and expressing emotions are essential parts of human interaction that unfortunately may be confusing for some people. Alexithymia is characterized by the inability […]

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Brainwaves: What They Are and What They Do


  Brainwaves are the collection of electrical activity in the brain. This electrical activity is caused by the communication of neurons in the brain. The […]

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concussion symptoms

Concussion Symptoms- Causes and Treatments: Everything you need to know


  Concussion symptoms. Recently, concussions have become the focus of several discussions, research studies, news articles, and even movies. But when concussion symptoms can no […]

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Marijuana's effects on the brain

Marijuana’s Effects on the Brain: A Scientific Look At Cannabis and the Brain


  Marijuana is becoming a more socially acceptable psychoactive substance, and coincidentally, a more abused substance. The other most popular abused psychoactive substances are caffeine, […]

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old brain new tricks

What Does Neuroscience Say About Teaching Old Brains New Tricks?


  They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but does the same go for your brain? There is an ever-growing fear of […]

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how pregnancy changes the brain

How Pregnancy Changes the Brain: Does Pregnancy Brain Have Negative Effects Long Term?


  She took her pregnancy test and it was confirmed, she was going to bring a new life into this world. What an exciting time […]

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ADHD Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment


  ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), is characterised by inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness’. ADHD symptoms are often noticed at a young age and more apparent when children start […]

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concentration problems

Concentration Problems: Symptoms, Causes, and Tips


  Problems concentrating isn’t only something that happens to kids- many adults find themselves struggling to concentrate, and we’ve probably all had moments where, no […]

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neurodegenerative diseases

Neurodegenerative Diseases: Characteristics, Cures, and Prevention


  Neurodegenerative diseases- What are they? Neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by damage to the nervous system, causing cognitive decline and changes in brain functions and how […]

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creative thinking

Creative Thinking: 10 Tips To Boost Creative Thinking


  Creative thinking is the ability to think in new and original ways. It means straying from traditional ideas and creating alternative solutions. Learn about […]

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Brain based learning

Brain based learning: What is it and how to apply it at school and at home


  What is brain based learning, and why it matters. Brain bases learning is a new perspective in teaching and learning that is based on using technology and knowledge of […]

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Dysthymia: Persistent Depressive Disorder- What is it and Symptoms


  We’ve all been “there”, where we find ourselves more down than usual, we don’t feel like doing anything and have a constant feeling of […]

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Branch like dendrites

Looking at the Neuron; Its structures and their functions.The Dendrites, Cell body and Axon.


  Cell body. There are around 100 billion neurons in the brain! Neurons are really small, measuring in microns (thousands of a millimetre) The smallest […]

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Cognitive reserve

Cognitive Reserve: What it is, Aging, Alzheimer’s and How To Improve It


  We often talk about cognitive reserve when referring to someone who takes care of their brain health, who has the ability to decrease cognitive […]

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types of exercise

Making sense of the exercise obstacle course; different types of exercise and their benefits


  Cue the groans! This blog post is all about the benefits of different types of exercise. Yes! You read that correctly! Although half way […]

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sex differences in the brain

Sex differences in the brain: Is there a male and a female brain?


  For many years, science has tried to explain how women and men are different beyond sexual traits. On this matter, research continues on how sex […]

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How to Improve Your Short-Term Memory: Study Tips to Remember Everything


  If you want to improve your short-term memory, look no further for some ways to help you out. Your short-term memory is what allows […]

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Benefits of learning foreign languages

Not Sure If You Should Take The Leap? Cognitive Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages


  We may not look back on our foreign language classes at school with much fondness.However, after reading about the following benefits of learning foreign […]

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Exercises to improve executive function

10 Simple Exercises to Improve Executive Function At Home


  Recent studies have been able to shed some light on executive functions, their importance, and how they can be trained. In this article, psychologist […]

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How to start working out

Are You Ready To Make A Change? Tips for How To Start Working Out


  Have you tried to start working out before but you gave up when it got hard? Do you want to start again, but you’re […]

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Understanding the brain and neurotransmitters

The different types of neurotransmitters: What are they?


  You’ve probably heard of how dopamine plays a role in feelings of pleasure, or how serotonin levels influence depression. This barely scratches the surface […]

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brain gym: keep your brain healthy and young

Brain Gym: 16 Activities That Will Help Your Brain Stay Younger, Longer


  Brain gym for a healthy mind. A few years ago, we started to learn about the importance of training our brains. Today we know […]

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9 Functions of Dopamine That Serve You: What is it and How Does It Affect you?


  The functions of dopamine are too many to count. Dopamine is an extremely famous neurotransmitter working in your brain. Whenever you want to learn […]

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Neuroscience of the sexes: Are there gender differences in the brain?


  We all know the differences between male and females. For centuries we’ve discussed the physical, social and emotional differences between man and woman. But […]

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Understand your brain and stress

Understanding Your Brain and Stress: What Happens When We’re Stressed?


  It’s time to talk about our good ol’ buddy stress. For most of us, it seems to cling to us all day every day, […]

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super foods for your brain

13 Superfoods For Your Brain


  Eating in some cultures is very important. It is a time when friends and family gather and enjoy a meal together. The Spanish even […]

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How To Treat Dyscalculia In Children

Your Child Isn’t Doing Well At School? How To Treat Dyscalculia In Children


  Dyscalculia is a learning disorder that affects a child’s ability to learn mathematical processes and skills. Luckily, this learning disorder has nothing to do […]

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Link With Schizophrenia and Autism

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Link With Schizophrenia And Autism


  Deficiencies in certain vitamins and nutrients can cause certain problems, both physical and mental and different vitamins respond to different systems in our bodies […]

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exercise and the brain

Exercise and the Brain: Does Running Longer Mean Better Brain Health?


  A recent article from The New York Times brings up a question that many of us have been asking ourselves for years. What kind […]

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What is Love

What is Love: Falling in Love Causes Changes in Our Brain


  What is Love Since the beginning of time, poets have asked themselves what is love, believing this feeling to originate in the heart. Science, […]

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Brain changes due to poor sleep increases stroke and dementia risks in seniors


  Brain changes due to poor sleep increases stroke and dementia risks in seniors Sleep disturbance in elderly persons is associated with brain changes such […]

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Where do we taste from?


  When we bite into a fresh strawberry we may taste a various different flavors. Sweet, sour, and maybe even bitter may be among these […]

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