Tavad- Addiction Rehab Center uses CogniFit to measure the cognitive changes of its patients

TAVAD, Advanced Addiction Treatment, is a clinic treating and rehabilitating addictions of alcohol, tranquilizers, cocaine, heroin, methadone, and other addictive substances. It offers a high quality of its treatments and the effectiveness of clinical procedures. In late 2018, this prestigious clinic added CogniFit to its list of pre- and post-treatment assessments to measure the cognitive state of their patients.


The importance of post-consumption cognitive rehabilitation is very important; however, in order to know the changes in treatment, it must be possible to evaluate them before and after. TAVAD has relied on CogniFit for its years of experience and comprehensive evaluations to assess its patients in 23 cognitive skills. 

CogniFit has a general cognitive assessment and others that can be adjusted to other disorders with a high index of comorbidity with addiction pathologies.