CogniFit is Excited to Join wellyou as Part of ‘The World’s Largest Scavenger Hunt’

An exciting scavenger hunt from wellyou
An exciting scavenger hunt from wellyou

When we heard about wellyou and their worldwide scavenger hunt event and all the ways it could help people build some of the healthy habits they might have lost over the past year and a half, we knew we had to be a part of it!

CogniFit has always been focused on providing tools to help our users boost their cognitive health. But for each of us to live our healthiest, happiest life requires more than just a strong mind; it requires a holistic approach including mental, physical, social, and even spiritual wellbeing.

As we begin to emerge from the depths of the most severe pandemics in over a century, we are forced to deal with the adverse effects it has had on our overall mental and physical health. To overcome the effects that isolation due to quarantines, social distancing, and working or studying from home has had on our lives, it is more important than ever to find safe and effective ways to focus on our overall health.

Who is wellyou, and What is The Global Scavenger Hunt?

wellyou is a Berlin-based startup with the goal “to make the world a happier place by providing people with the tools they need to increase their physical, mental, and social wellbeing.” The team behind wellyou believes that each and every one of us has the potential to live happier, healthier, and more compassionate lives if we put in the necessary work. And, like us here at CogniFit, the wellyou team is looking to provide the tools to help everyone build that happier, healthier life.

wellyou has organized a worldwide scavenger hunt to help people break out of the bad routines we might have developed during the hard times we all went through over the past year and a half; habits like the delicious but not entirely waistline-friendly homemade bread habit I’ve been enjoying; or how it has become so easy to spend all my free time at home watching movies when I know it would be better for my mental health to step back out of my comfy comfort zone and get out and socialize.

The scavenger hunt will take place over 3 weeks across more than 1,500 cities around the globe, and participants will have the opportunity to partake in challenges that do good for themselves and others.

Using the wellyou scavenger web app, participants will be able to locate three different sites in their city where they will be challenged to do something to benefit their physical, mental, or social health.

On top of that, there will be a raffle at the end of each day of the scavenger hunt amongst the participants who completed all three of the challenges for a chance to win a prize.

So, if, like me, you have developed some less-than-healthy routines over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, routines in which you may have neglected your physical, mental, or social health, the wellyou scavenger hunt might be the perfect opportunity to break some of those bad habits and start working towards rebuilding towards a happy and healthy life!

How is CogniFit Supporting This Unique Scavenger Hunt?

At CogniFit, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring our products to an even bigger audience. But equally as important, we are always looking for ways to team up with outstanding partners who can help our current and future users on their wellness journey—which is why CogniFit is so excited to partner with wellyou for their global scavenger hunt event.

As a Sponsor of the scavenger hunt event, we are proud to be offering subscriptions to our world-renowned cognitive assessment and training platform as a prize for lucky winners of the scavenger hunt events, giving access to exciting games, tests, and training activities to help participants continue building healthy habits even after the scavenger hunt has ended.

But the scavenger hunt is just the beginning for wellyou. They are building a science-based program to help users continue working on their overall wellbeing all year round.

They are working hard to make it happen, but they need the help of the community to make this vision come true. For more information, read about their crowdfunding campaign to learn more about the company and what you can do to help.

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