What is a Realist? How to Tell if You Have a Realist Personality

What is a realist? Do you think you might be one? A realist is someone who can look at things as they are in life and deal with them in a practical manner. Many artists or philosophers who like to see life in its crude, original form can be classified as realists. Do you wonder if maybe you have the characteristic traits to be a realist? Read more to find out if you show the classical signs of realistic personality!

What is a Realist?

When you are a realist, you see the world “as it is,” and you have the natural inclination to view all sides of an issue from an objective stance. Realists are not as swayed by unconscious bias or idealistic aims that easily move most people. Rather, they see the truth and prefer it to be unvarnished.

What is a realist? Realists pay particular attention to the action and movement going on around them. Often, they like to tell stories about things that happened to them, which might not necessarily be funny or have a point – just that they happened. They are mindful about the behaviors and activities of other people. Usually conventional people who conform to social norms and institutions, they like to be up-to-date on the latest popular trends and fashions.

Known Traits of Realists:

Some positive characteristics of realists are that they are clear-headed, grounded, non-judgmental, objective, and can sort out fact from fiction. They have a great sense of perception. Events in life seem transparent to these people because they are able to predict the outcome of various situations. Since they tell things exactly as they are, their vision is not distorted by a need to interpret things otherwise. They regard the world as a continually interesting series of events with unending variety and they approve of it. For realists, their mode of seeing is primarily through action as it occurs. Meanings or moods within an action are not as important as the bare event itself.

What is a realist?

What is a realist?

Possible Signs That You May be a Realist Thinker:

1. You Know How to Plan Wisely

When it comes to planning trips, dinner dates, outings with friends and family, and any other type of major event, your peers make sure you’re the one in charge. You know how to plan with both responsibility and wisdom. This means that you are practical in what you think you and your friends will be able to accomplish for any specific event, in terms of time, money, and social satisfaction. You cater to the needs of everyone and you know where to draw the line of compromise for entertaining activities. Plus, you’re prepared for the difficult scenarios when Plan A doesn’t work, so you always have a backup plan for action so that everyone is happy.

2. Your Handbag Has Everything Needed for Any Situation

Like Mary Poppin’s purse, you take your handbag packing to the next level. Equipped with everything you and friends and family might need, you are prepared for any spurious situation. Pens, napkins, hand sanitizer, mid-afternoon snacks, bandages, water, baby wipes, you name it! You have all the necessities needed so that everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy no matter what situation you are in.

What is a realist?

What is a realist?

3. You Occasionally are Seen as Pessimistic

Optimistic, happy-go-lucky people tend to feel bummed out and annoyed by you because they think that you might be pessimistic, sarcastic, and mellow. However, you’re just able to see situations and the real world for what they really are, so you might not always have positive things to say. You see through people, events, and important moments for what they really are, and when you know something won’t work out or is not practical, you are not afraid to speak your mind.

4. You Constantly Fight the Urge to Say, “I Told You So.”

When things don’t go as planned or when people don’t listen to your advice, you take it with respect and ease. However, when situations turn around for your peers and go in the way that you planned but they didn’t see, you have to make an effort to keep yourself from saying, “I told you so.” Many times, people don’t want to hear the practical, real advice that you give, but it often comes to sting them when they don’t listen to you. However, you know how to keep your calm, so instead of saying “I told you so,” you are there to give your friend comfort and compassion when things don’t go as planned.

5. You Generally are an Easy-Going Person

Because you have a very practical and realistic perspective of life, you are prepared for any situation. You take things easy because you know the future can bring sudden hurdles you need to jump over. Rather than stressing or feeling anxious about what the future might offer, you live in the present and try to enjoy every moment that you can. You understand that drama can take place, so you’re always ready to deal with difficulties. Patience, tolerance, and forbearance are qualities you embody and live by.

6. When People Want to Hear the Truth, They Come to You

If your friends are trying on new clothes, asking about potential career opportunities, or need advice concerning their love lives, they know to come to you for your realist perspective and communications skills. You don’t shy away from the truth, and you are not afraid to tell things like they are, especially if they can prevent extreme pain in the future. Although your advice might not always be what people want to hear, you give needed feedback that will help improve future situations or prevent unwanted skirmishes. Being reliable and trustworthy shows advanced cognitive skills that have been developed over a long time.

7. Although You Are a Realist, You Are Not Brutal

You approach every situation and you speak to everyone with wisdom. Being a realist doesn’t mean you are brutal in how you interact with others. You understand that people have feelings, so you are careful to give them your opinion in a gentle way without being hurtful. Even when you have to give a dirty truth, you do so with care and concern for how the other person may respond to your statements. Therefore, people know they can come to you not just for the honest truth, but also for care, comfort, and support during rough times.

8. You Are Usually the Mediator in Conflicts

When your friends or colleagues are at opposite stances and need someone to come in-between, you are called upon to play the role. People know that you will look at both sides in an objective, rational fashion, where you will hear both sides of a story and then judge. They know they can count on you to be fair in how you approach tough, divisive situations so they look to you for support.