The CogniFit API: Helping Our Partners Leverage the Power of CogniFit

One of CogniFit’s top priorities is to reach and bring the benefits of our cognitive solutions to as many people as possible and our API represents a giant leap forward in our ability to do just that.

You may have noticed several of our recent posts about the exciting partnerships with organizations in such diverse markets as telehealth, hearing care, and even video games, and wondered how this all worked.

The short answer is that these partners, and more, have been able to tap into our powerful API to create these unique solutions for their respective audiences that leverage the power of CogniFit’s leading cognitive technology and expertise to add even more value to the portfolio of products and services they provide.

For the longer answer, let’s take a look at what an API is, how they work, and what the CogniFit API can do for our partners.

What is an API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a type of software interface that facilitates the connection and transfer of information and instructions between two often unrelated computer programs.

This might sound a bit confusing, but it might help to think of it like this:

Imagine that you are hungry and decide to go to a restaurant. At the restaurant, you look at the menu and order a hamburger with extra cheese and no sauce.

Now imagine you are a computer program that needs information from another program. In this instance, instead of using a menu, you would use an API. Makes more sense now, right?

Why do we use APIs?

If we think back to the previous example of the menu at the restaurant, we can see several good examples of why APIs are so useful.

The first would be that it presents the available content in an organized way, you might have sections based on the type of food or drink or whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The same is true with an API. When a partner accesses our API, they will have access to complete documentation that organizes everything they need to integrate with our technology into easy-to-understand sections so they can find what they need quickly.

Another example from the restaurant would be that a hungry diner using a menu doesn’t have to physically go into the kitchen to see what food is available and they don’t have to cook the meal themselves. Similarly, with an API, developers at partner companies don’t need to go through our code and try to recreate everything from scratch—everything comes fully prepared and ready to eat use in their programs.

A third, and very important, example is that the menu helps to separate the diners from the kitchen, reducing any chance that poor hygiene, undercooked chicken, or slippery floors may cause damage to the diners, the restaurant, or anyone else. This is also true with an API. By separating the end-user from the source material and data, we are able better protect everyone from loss of data, unapproved or accidental access to secure information, and are better able to control and monitor our own environment, ensuring a cleaner, safer, and more secure experience for everyone involved.

What can partners do with the CogniFit API?

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The CogniFit API lets partners create a streamlined user experience.

Our API gives our commercial partners a streamlined, secure, and flexible way to provide digital cognitive solutions to their clients, customers, members, or even employees.

As the digital foundation of our enterprise solutions, our API allows our partners to integrate custom digital brain-health solutions into their current systems or build a brand-new digital health solution from scratch.

For more information about our enterprise solutions, visit our Commercial Partnerships page.