Professional Association of Psychology of Aragon commits to the IoT by including CogniFit digital neuropsychological tests

  • The Professional Association of Psychology of Aragon, Spain has reached a distribution agreement with CogniFit to offer its 1,180 psychologists innovative tools that allow them to carry out digital (online) neuropsychological evaluations and obtain personalized reports.
  • The IoT (Internet of Things) is transforming medical and psychological assistance. Remote monitoring of a patient’s cognitive health through CogniFit helps better patient care, optimize treatment outcomes, and reduces preparation time and evaluation costs.
  • New computerized cognitive assessments become a fundamental support tool for professionals. Incorporating these assessments is a forward-thinking initiative that makes it possible to offer more competitive services to members, as well as to improve patient care and participation.

The Professional Association of Psychology of Aragon, Spain has incorporated CogniFit’s innovative cognitive assessment batteries into its neuropsychological testing with the aim of offering its 1,180 members remote monitoring tools for their patient’s cognitive health.

The Professional Association of Psychology of Aragon had already in its test rental services traditional paper and pencil tests often offered by TEA or PEARSON. However, the addition of CogniFit computerized batteries is a major technological breakthrough and an important advantage for licensed psychologists.

Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data or artificial intelligence, are already in our everyday life even if sometimes we don’t realize it.

“All health areas are affected by this process of digitalization. Not incorporating these technologies in therapy is a great disadvantage compared to other professionals.”- explains Patricia Fernández, a neuropsychologist at CogniFit.

Today’s psychologist has a huge challenge in taking advantage of new technological resources to perform his work in a more efficient way.