CogniFit Pro: Cognitive Health Solutions for Professionals

CogniFit’s professional platforms are an integral part of our digital cognitive and brain health technologies.

While most individual users likely know CogniFit has dozens of fun and exciting brain games to help them stimulate their cognitive abilities, they may not be aware that our assessment and training tools (and, yes, even our games) also are used by thousands of healthcare professionals, education professionals, and even researchers around the world.

We have created specialized platforms for our professional customers, customized for the specific needs of each type of user, that allows them to use CogniFit technology to test, train, and track the progress of their patients, students, and study participants.

What Makes the Professional Platforms Special?

While each of the three professional platforms is customized to the specific needs of each user group, they share several key features that make them stand apart from the CogniFit platform that our individual users are familiar with.

The CogniFit Professional platforms allow professional users to connect new or existing accounts for multiple individual users to their professional accounts. Once connected, the professional can assign assessments and training programs to individual users or group individual users into groups that will be assigned the same assessment or training plan. These groups make it easy for the professional to organize connected accounts into classrooms, demographic groups, or experimental and control groups, for example.

In addition to this, professional users can easily track the progress of the connected accounts, print out detailed results reports, or even download the raw data for further scientific analysis.

Who is CogniFit Pro for?

The CogniFit Professional platform comes in three versions: CogniFit for Healthcare Professionals, CogniFit for Schools and Teachers, and the Cognitive Research Platform. Let’s take a look at each:

CogniFit for Healthcare Professionals

The online platform for health professionals from CogniFit offers a selection of neuropsychological tests and standardized tools that allow for a complete cognitive screening of the patient. The information and results presented in the platform are highly valuable to the healthcare professional because they represent a reliable diagnostic resource.

CogniFit for Healthcare Professionals
CogniFit for Healthcare Professionals

This online cognitive test battery allows the doctor or other specialists to explore and understand how the different cognitive domains work in each patient.

  • Using a computerized neuropsychological exam, we are able to measure 20+ fundamental cognitive skills.
  • This assessment allows the professional to detect any deficit and score the severity of the cognitive alteration.
  • The platform for health professionals allows you to compare data to a set of references and create graphs and reports.
  • The neuropsychological assessment from CogniFit provides healthcare professionals with a highly valued tool to help identify and recognize determined disorders.
  • This tool allows you to monitor the each patient’s intervention and follow their rehabilitation.

CogniFit for Schools and Teachers

CogniFit Education Platform. Educational technology designed for schools and professionals interested in taking on developmental problems and exploring brain functions related to cognitive development in childhood and adolescence.

CogniFit for Schools and Teachers
CogniFit for Schools and Teachers

This brain based learning platform designed for schools is a professional instrument created by specialists in child neuropsychology that may help educators without specialized training to analyze learning and childhood developmental processes. The brain based learning education platform from CogniFit is designed to help teachers in the following areas:

  • Develop each student’s potential: Learn about the brain processes implicated in learning and neurodevelopment.
  • Implement methodological and didactic improvements: Incorporate a base to the education process to help focus improvements in teaching and designing learning strategies. Enriching educational and vocational guidance.
  • Prevention of poor school performance: Find out which cognitive weaknesses may affect the child’s performance in school and learn how to properly handle the difficulty.

Cognitive Research Platform

Cognitive measurement and analysis tools specifically designed for researchers. The professional brain training and neuropsychological assessment platform was created to help researchers conduct studies in which cognitive analysis is essential.

Cognitive Research Platform
Cognitive Research Platform
  • CLINICAL Tools for Researchers: Get access to a number of measurement and analysis instruments to assess cognitive function. Whatever the specialization, this digital platform will save you time, making it quicker for the professional and more comfortable for the patient. The platform makes it simple to collect, manage, and analyze the received data, as well as manage participants and track the measurement of their cognitive functions.
  • DIGITAL Health: Perform experimental studies about the effects of cognitive stimulation with computerized programs (brain training). Carry out research to train specific cognitive domains: The CogniFit programs assess and train a wide range of cognitive skills. You will be able to monitor a range of cognitive problems.
  • COGNITIVE Research: This tool is designed specifically to allow the researcher to personalize and adapt this neuropsychological assessment instrument and closely follow the participant’s cognitive skills and evolution.
  • Digital Cognitive Assessments Batteries: Each neuropsychological assessment battery is intended for use as a regular screening tool to track subtle cognitive deficiencies. The cognitive tests allow physicians to design and monitor each patient’s intervention and cognitive rehabilitation process.
  • Digital Cognitive Training Programs: Patented brain training program methodology designed to measure, train, track, and monitor 23 cognitive skills we use in our daily lives. Help stimulate cognitive functions and improve brain plasticity. Based on AI and advanced adaptive algorithms the system automatically adapts the training to the needs of each user. Placebo digital training for the control groups

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